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Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is use in building construction for roofs, sidewalls and flooring. OSB is a less expensive and structurally superior alternative to plywood.

In the manufacturing of OSB, wood strands are cut to a controlled length, width and thickness. These strands are mixed with a phenyl resin liquid adhesive in a large diameter drum blender. The coated wood strands are then sent to a disk-type orienter that lays out alternating perpendicular layers which give OSB it’s strength. The board is then pressed, heat-treated, and trimmed.

Hydra-Cell® high pressure pumps were selected to supply the phenyl resins and waxes to the blender because of their ability to handle viscous products, develop high pressures, and provide excellent metering capabilities. Other advantages of running dry and seal-less design make the Hydra-Cell high pressure pump the clear high pressure pump of choice for this application.

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Hydra-Cell® Diaphragm Pump Advantages

The seal-less nature of the Hydra-Cell diaphragm pumps enable charged and dirty liquids to be processed without need for fine filtration to protect the diaphragm pump.

The Hydra-Cell diaphragm pump needs little maintenance and can operate at continuous duty at high pressure.

Pulsation is low, so dampeners may not be required for most Hydra-Cell® diaphragm pumps.

Hydra-Cell® diaphragm pumps can handle solids up to 500 microns, or more. They can be pumped without fine filtration. System costs are reduced and maintenance is simplified.

Most diaphragm pumps in the Hydra-Cell® diaphragm pump range can operate at any pressure from <1 bar up to at least 70 bar. Some models up to 170 bar.

Seal-less design distinguishes the Hydra-Cell® diaphragm pumps from other diaphragm pumps and is the basis of its long service life - many of the liquids pumped are harmful to pump seals. The Hydra-Cell® diaphragm pumps are tolerant of small solids, resistant to chemical and corrosive attack.

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