MT8 Low Pressure Metering Pump

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MT8 Low Pressure Metering Pump

Low Pressure Model MT8

  • Integrates Wanner Hydra-Cell® Pro seal-less pump technologies for the highest levels of volumetric and energy efficiencies across the full turndown – from 100% to 1% of rated flow – for accurate metering performance.
  • Multiple diaphragms deliver a very low-pulse flow, eliminating pulsation dampeners and pipe strain in most applications, with reduced acceleration head losses and a wider process window.
  • Patented ADPC (Advanced Diaphragm Position Control) protects diaphragms under closed or restricted inlet conditions.
  • Exceeds API 675 standards for steady-state accuracy (±1%), linearity (±3%), and repeatability (±3%) over a wide adjustable range.
  • Hydraulic oil management system replenishes on every back stroke, ensuring superior accuracy and reliable operation at low- and high-suction pressures.
  • Valve set design and material options reliably handle a wide range of viscosities and shear sensitivities, plus corrosive liquids, abrasives, slurries, and suspended solids.
  • Pumped liquid is 100% contained, preventing degradation and contamination.
  • Reduced ownership costs in acquisition, operation, service, maintenance, and energy use – with a 20+ year design life.

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WP Data Tables
WP Data Tables
WP Data Tables

Simple, compact design reduces initial investment and lowers maintenance costs.

Hydra-Cell Heavy Duty Pumps have proven their performance and reliability in the toughest industrial equipment and process applications.

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