SP/ST/SA Models Pulse-input and Analog-input Control

Smart and intuitive operation with three types of control functions:

  • Simple key functions and user interface for ease of operation.
  • Range can be set between 1 and 300 strokes per minute in 1-stroke units.
  • Discharge volume can be set up to the maximum flow capacity in 0.1 ml/m units (with SP models).
  • For fine-tuning an application, the stroke length can be changed from 100% to as low as 50%.
  • Safety mechanisms to prevent air lock.
  • Back-up diaphragm.
  • LED touch-pad operation.
  • Liquid end that can be positioned 90˚ left or right.
  • O-ring to prevent chemical permeation from outside the pump.
  • Welded casing and parts.
  • Hexagonal head bolts with cross recess.
  • Spare parts kits available to extend pump service life.

“Eco-friendly” Mode Reduces Power Consumption up to 55%

Unlike conventional pumps that are always turned on for a specific time period regardless of the discharge pressure, S Series “Eco-friendly” pumps with pulse-in control automatically cut the power-on time in accordance with the discharge pressure.

The “Eco-friendly” mode of SP/ST/SA models always monitors operation conditions and automatically shortens the power-on time during low-pressure operation in order to reduce power consumption and operating costs.

SP/ST/SA Series Resources

SP/ST/SA – Specifications



Simple, compact design reduces initial investment and lowers maintenance costs.

Hydra-Cell Heavy Duty Pumps have proven their performance and reliability in the toughest industrial equipment and process applications.

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