Metering Pumps Principles of Operation

Hydra-Cell® Design Features and Benefits


P Series Pumps Exceed API 675 Performance Standards

In 1994, the American Petroleum Institute (API) adapted its Standard 675 to stipulate performance characteristics for controlled-volume, positive displacement pumps. Although revised in 2010, and again in 2012, API 675 primarily defined metering pumps using mechanical stroke adjustment.

Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions meet or exceed API 675 performance standards by using electronic flow control to improve accuracy and a multiple-diaphragm design to reduce pulsations. A replenishment valve in every piston assembly ensures optimal actuating oil for continuous accuracy and greater repeatability. Used in precise metering, dosing, injection, and mixing applications, Hydra-Cell pumps provide an economical alternative to conventional metering pumps.

What is a Metering Pump?





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