C Series Pressure Regulating Valves

Versatile Application for Positive Displacement Pumps

Designed for use with any positive displacement pump, Hydra-Cell C Series pressure regulating valves bypass system fluid to prevent excess system pressure. They can also be used as pressure relief valves.

When a system discharge is completely closed (e.g. closed spray gun, closed valve, plugged nozzle) the Hydra-Cell valve bypasses the total system fluid flow. The valves also balance system pressure for multiple-gun operations.

Easy to Service
Hydra-Cell C Series valves can be serviced in place without removing any fittings or plumbing. Simply remove the top of the body and replace any worn internal components.

C22 Valve
C22 valve with Brass body
C23 Valve
C23 valve with Stainless Steel body
C24 Valve
C24 valve with Brass body
C46 Valve
C46 In-line with Brass body
C62 Valve
C62 valve with Stainless Steel body
C63 Valve
C63 valve with Brass body
C64 Valve
C64 valve with Stainless Steel body
C80 Valve
C80 with Brass body