M03 (US) / G03 Mono-Block Series (Metric)

Diaphragm Pump Features

Versatile, Seal-less, Reliable Pumps for a Wide Range of Applications

  • Features cartridge disk check valves that can be serviced while suction and discharge plumbing is in place.
  • Can handle abrasives and particulates that might damage or destroy other types of pumps.
  • Pumps the full spectrum of low-to-high viscosity fluids.
  • Simple, compact design reduces initial investment and lowers maintenance costs.
  • Operational efficiencies reduce energy costs.
  • Able to run dry without damage (or additional maintenance) to the pump in case of accident or operator error.
  • Can operate with a closed or blocked suction line and run dry indefinitely without damage, eliminating downtime and repair costs
  • Minimizes maintenance and downtime because there are no seals, packing or cups to leak or replace.

M03 / G03 Mono-Block Series Resources

M03 Mono-Block - Datasheets
M03 Mono-Block Specifications
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Application Worksheet
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M03 Mono-Block - Specifications
Flow Capacities @1000 psi (69 bar)
M03-X1750 3.10 11.73
M03-E1750 2.18 8.25
Delivery @1000 psi (69 bar)
M03-X 0.0018 0.0067
M03-E 0.0013 0.0047
Maximum Discharge Pressure
Metallic Heads: M/D03-X, E to 1000 psi (69 bar)
Maximum Inlet Pressure 250 psi (17 bar)
Metallic Heads:250°F (121°C) - Consult factory for correct component selection for temperatures from 160°F (71°C) to 250°F (121°C).
Maximum Solids Size200 microns
Inlet Port 1/2 inch NPT
Discharge Port 1/2 inch NPT
Shaft Diameter M03: 5/8 inch hollow shaft
D03: 7/8 inch (22.2 mm)
Shaft Rotation Reverse (bi-directional)
BearingsPrecision ball bearings
Oil Capacity 1.0 US quart (0.95 liters)
Metallic Heads:28 lbs. (12.7 kg)



Valve Selection

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C46 Pressure Regulating Valve

A Hydra-Cell M03 Mono- Block Series pumping system uses a C46 Pressure Regulating Valve.

Features a seal-less design and horizontal disk check valves that enable the pump to handle abrasives and particulates that might damage or destroy other types of pumps.

Hydra-Cell Heavy Duty Pumps have proven their performance and reliability in the toughest industrial equipment and process applications.

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