Control Freak™ Touch-screen Metering Controller

“Control Freak” is an exclusive new electronic controller that provides motor speed control for Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions pumps (or select Hydra-Cell bare shaft pumps) with an easy-to-use touch-screen display and built-in programming.

The user can enter the desired flow rate or volume in gallons or liters and system pressure in psi or bar, and the controller automatically runs the pump manually at desired flow rate or volume total/time, or in pre-set batches.

The versatile Control Freak enables programming for the flow rate or for totalization of the recent process application as well as the life of the pump.

Performance Features


  • Features a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) available in different hp (or kW) ratings
  • Pre-set (with password protection) for Hydra-Cell pump performance algorithms - can also be field-calibrated for greater accuracy
  • 7” color graphic touch-screen user interface in a NEMA-4X (or IP) enclosure - easy to operate and visible in low-light areas
  • Safety features for emergency stop, loss of power and fault monitoring
  • Pump-drive information screen
  • Four configurable on-off relays
  • Ten separate batch set-up screens
  • Two user-configurable analog input displays
  • Analog and digital I/O for interfacing with external devices
  • One analog input dedicated to a pre-programmed closed loop feedback
  • Includes real-time clock
  • Versatile - enables programming for flow rate or totalization
  • Can control up to six (6) pumps with one Hydra-Cell Control Freak screen - requires additional VFDs and I/O modules



  • Ball-mount assembly for touch screen
  • VFD enclosure
  • Additional cables
  • Oil temperature probe kit

Control Freak™ Resources


Hydra-Cell Metering Solutions meet or exceed API 675 performance standards for Steady-State Accuracy (±1%), Linearity (±3%), and Repeatability (±3%).

Hydra-Cell Heavy Duty Pumps have proven their performance and reliability in the toughest industrial equipment and process applications.

When we say “Simply Built to Last”, we mean it!